BMW K50 GS R1200 GS R1200 ヴァリオ・トップケース トップケース・テールボックス ビーエムダブリュー b6bb4nehr53914-その他



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純正品番:77 40 7 721 037
Topcase Type:Plastic topcase
Volume:25 litres,35 litres
Volume:No full face helmets
Dimensions Topcase (L x W x H):44 x 26 x 38 cm
Empty weight Topcase:6.550 kg
Recommended Max Speed:180 km/h
Max. Overall Load:6.550 + 5 kg
Features:Adjustable volume,Ergonomic handle,Top-Load
Number of keys:None
Locking cylinder:Not included in the scope of supply
Material:Reinforced High-Quality Plastic
Available accessoires (not included):Back pad,Inner bags,Safety locks
Delivery contents:1 Piece

R1200 GS 13-16
R1200 GS 17-18
R1200 GS K50 11-18

BMW R1200GS (K50) Vario-Topcase
Black plastic topcase with new-design aluminium insert in the lid. Without rack system or key cylinder.
Bow-shaped bar for changing case capacity.
A patented adjuster mechanism means that capacity can be adjusted conveniently and quickly with only one hand by flicking a lever.
Capacity: Approx. 25-35 l.
Innovative mechanism for attachment to the vehicle.
Suitable for off-road riding.
Looks match those of the motorcycle.
Maximum payload per case: 5 kg.
Recommended top speed with topcase installed: 180 km/h.

BMW ビーエムダブリュー トップケース・テールボックス ヴァリオ・トップケース R1200 GS R1200 GS K50

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